Can you freeze cake

can you freeze cake

It's not a complete myth that you can preserve a piece of the eight-tiered cake you bankrolled for your special day, but there are rules. We asked.
chowser Jun 21, 2007 PM You can freeze it, just wrap tightly in plastic wrap, then in a ziplock freezer bag or tupperware made for the.
You can generally freeze cakes, with our without icing, for a month How to wrap it depends on what type of cake and what type of icing.

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Skull birthday cake pictures I am doing a tiered wedding cake for the weekend and froze my cake in layers last week. If we had that freezer, the cake would be good forever. Leave them until they are cold before putting in bags as moisture inside the bags will make the cases peel. However, just afterwards I was looking through the internet, and discovered that rice treats can you freeze cake structures are used when making cakes like these. Can they bee frozen? I know how you feel. Or should i freeze again?
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You live and learn with these things. Wrap your cake a second time. Thanks in advance Can you freeze pumpkin cakes also? You basically want the icing to get firm so you can add the pretty layer of frosting without it getting mixed up with all the crumbs from the cake. Reply Hi, all these tips are helpful I just wondered if you had much experience with fondant icing the cakes after freezing too?

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However adding that border, when necessary, is a bit easier to do when you build layer cakes in the pan. I tried freezing cake layers and the circle was a mess by the time they were defrosted. Comment on recipes, tutorials and photos. Use it wisely and remember less is more. I've never managed to do this without messing up can you freeze cake icing at least a bit. can you freeze cake