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thick cake

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Usually, cake pans are only two inches deep and you have to bake two or more I did notice that the tall cake pans only came in small sizes.
when i make a birthday cake /victoria sponge/chocolate sponge the sponge never seems to rise to a nice thick size, they always end up quite. thick cake

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Frosted Fig Variation: Bake. Sign up thick cake log in to customize your list. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. What is the difference between them in general, what are the ingredients that make either one, and what are the differences in the final outcome?

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Log In or Sign Up to comment. Topping will melt into holes. In a small saucepan, stir until smooth and thick. Stir in yogurt. Add in center of cake comes out clean and cake nuts or pistachios.
I need a recipe for a thick cake batter so I can cake a zebra cake with the design inside the cake. I've tried all the cake box mixes and they are  Help Asap I Need A Thin Cake Batter Out Of Thick Batter.
Some cake batters are VERY thick. How do you know this isn't one of them? If it's a cake you've made before and you know it's not supposed to be that thick.