How many boxes of cake mix for a sheet cake

how many boxes of cake mix for a sheet cake

Many Wilton cake pans take one box of cake mix, but it depends on what size Wilton A: It takes two boxes of cake mix to make a half sheet cake.
I want to make the cake with box mix. Will this work? How many boxes of cake mix will I need? Also, they have a shallow pan and deep pan.
How many cake mixes to make a 18 x 13 x 1 inch pan (half sheet pan)? . Duncan Hines used to have this in all their boxes and on their. I have a sheet pan, how many cake mixes do I need and how long do I normal baking pan that one box of cake mix fits however the depth of.
How many boxes of cake mix would it take to make a 1/4 sheet cake? And a 1/2 sheet cake? Also, does anyone know how much longer it  How Many Cake Mixes And Frosting? - Cake Central.
Some variation exists in the number of boxes of mix required to fill a sheet cake pan. The variation is due to the fact that boxed cake mixes vary slightly in the.


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Gumpaste Hydrangeas On Wires With A Pearl In The. Also do you have some good recipes for half-sheet size cakes?